Time with a Wizard

People often think Wizards are masters, and that may be the case but EVERYONE has to be a beginner first if they want to create magic. Once you realize this, you will no longer be a beginner but rather a: _ _ u_ _ _ _ (7 letters with U in the middle)???

Is there something you are looking for in life but can’t seem to find? Are you in need of help getting something done? Is something broken that you’d like assistance fixing Would you just like little more Magic in your life? Look no further…

…if you would like time with a Wizard 🧙‍♂️ to learn, laugh, cry, create and/or contemplate… just use the calendar below to find a time that is suitable for your liking.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, time before 4p May not be available due to our Wizards’ homeschooling responsibilities through May 31st 2028. Please contact The Wizardcast via text/phone or email for special situations to see if we can accommodate your needs. ***

Have a magical day ✨

🌟Your Friendly Neighborhood Wizards🌟

*** Please note that sessions are not confirmed until you receive an email, call or text from a guild member at The Wizardcast confirming the meeting time, topic and session needs. ***

Know that you can always contact us if you need assistance

Text/Phone: 305-929-3783

or you can use the form below to contact us and we will get back to you some time between now and later.